Rubber boots don't have to be ugly

Ma ei saa öelda, et oleksin kunagi olnud suurem asi kummikukandja. Kui Hunterid järsku moemaailmas nime tegema hakkasid ja ma parasjagu Inglismaal vihma käes olin, soetasin ka mina need omale. Nad on mulle küll siiani väga armsad, aga ma tunnen, et igapäevaseks ringi vantsimiseks on neid kuidagi liiga palju ja mu sääred tunnevad end veits vangistatuna (kui see üldse kuidagi loogiline on), nii et kasutan ma neid peamiselt aiatöid tehes, metsas käies jne. Kuna aga kummikuilma iseenesest on meil üsna palju, siis on ühed kummikulaadsed jalanõud eestlase garderoobis küll väga vajalikud. Kui aga päev otsa pika säärega kummijalanõudes veeta oli minu jaoks piinarikas ja õhtul märgade jalgadega koju tulla polnud ka parim variant, siis leidsingi, et paras aeg on soetada ühed kummikud, mis oleksid mugavad ja ei tekitaks minus tunnet, nagu mul oleksidki kummikud jalas (kui see üldse kuidagi loogiline on #2). ABC King aitas mind täiesti ootamatult hädast välja ja kohe, kui ma need kummikulaadsed tegelased omale jalga panin, olid nad nii minu jala järgi igas mõttes, et poodi neid jätta oleks olnud patt. Ammugi siis, et mul oli üks tore sooduskupong, mis vajas kasutamist. 

 Lemon Jelly via ABC King

I can't really say that I've ever been very big on rain boots. I did purchase a pair of Hunters when they became a fashion item but I find them a bit too big and heavy to wear everyday, so I've mainly left them for gardening work or things like that. But since the weather here often tends to be quite rainy and wet, a pair of rubber boots is a must in an Estonian's wardrobe. I wasn't exactly looking for a pair of rubber boots when I stepped into a local shoe store but stumbled across these beauties that are so comfortable and make me forget that it's rubber we're talking about. And as a bonus I got them with a pretty good discount. 


Moekuulutaja tuleb taas

Sel nädalavahetusel, või õigupoolest tervel sellel nädalal, on ka tartlastest moegurmaanidel põhjust rõõmustada: kui pealinlastel on FIBIT, siis meile tuleb Moekuulutaja. Ja tuleb ta taaskord moeetendustega reedel ning laupäeval ja pop-up poega, mis on avatud alates tänasest ning jääb ta avatuks kuni 12. oktoobrini. Moekuulutaja ajal on pop-up poes alati esindatud olnud põnevad brändid ja nii ka seekord: naistele on valikus Liss, Pohjanheimo Black Dress, Iris Janvier, Marimo ning Reet Aus. Võimalik on soetada ka Kadri Kruusi loomingut ning mõningaid Disainimaja eelmiste hooaegade eriti bargain-tooteid. Ja kuigi muidu pakub mulle enim põnevust ikka naistemood, siis seekord on eriti vahva tõdeda, et lisaks kodumaistele lastemoe tegijatele nagu Dukiboo, Amiki, Bibix, Liss ja Happy Bows on esindatud ka kaks lätlast: Paade Mode ja päris minu enda nimekaim Hebe. Ja kuigi ma olin varasemalt täiesti teadlik Läti brändi Hebe olemasolust, ei ole ma kunagi seda nii-öelda oma silmaga näinud ega oma käega katsunud. Kuid see viga saab nüüd küll selle nädala jooksul parandatud!
Keda aga mood ei köida, mustkunst aga see-eest küll, sellel on ka kindlasti põhjust sammud Kaubamaja poole seada, sest põnevaid elamusi pakub mustkunstnik Jürgen Veber - lubades muide ühe trikina ka modellide seljas riideid muuta. Seda tahaks nüüd küll näha, seega tartlased ja selle lähiümbruskondlased, who's with me?


Life lately: Toronto photo diary

Kui ma veel eelmises postituses rõõmustasin suve viimaste nädalate üle ja lubasin neid täiel rinnal nautida, siis nüüd räägime juba jahedast sügisest ja tavapärasest külmetushaigusest. Sellegipoolest ei lase ma veel täielikult suvemeeleolust lahti ja panen siia üle hulga aja ka mõned telefoni kiired ülesvõtted viimasest pooleteisest kuust, mille ma traditsiooniliselt Torontos veetsin. Ma pean tunnistama, et ei oska Torontot enam niivõrd turisti vaatenurgast näha ja peegelkaamera püsib suurema osa ajast kodus. Telefon, mis kogu aeg kaasas on, aitab aga hädast välja ja "reisihetked" saavad siiski jäädvustatud. Ma katsusin suurema osa ikkagi nii sättida, et ei kordaks väga Instagramist läbi käinud (hebbsh) pilte, aga mõni kordub sellegipoolest. Loodetavasti ei hakka igav :) 

In my last post I was still going on about enjoying the last weeks of summer but now summer has definitely turned into fall here (you, Torontonians, shhh! about your perfect summery weather there!). Despite that, I'm still not completely letting go of summer, instead, I'm sharing phone snapshots from my August and half of the September in Toronto. I'm having a hard time seeing the city as a tourist now, which is why I hardly have my camera with me. But that's when my phone comes to help and therefore I still have some snapshots of my "trip" to share with you. Some of them have already been published on Instagram (hebbsh) but I hope that doesn't make this post less interesting.
1. The best part about coming back to Toronto is seeing all my beautiful people again. 2. Went to see the movie Yves Saint Laurent. A bit depressive, as you can imagine, but truly a great movie and Pierre Niney did a wonderful job portraying Yves. 3. Always love when the occasion is right to have caviar as an appetizer. 4. Spa day at my favorite place - Sweetgrass at Verity. I had always thought (never mind why I think such weird things) how easily a nail polish bottle would break if I dropped it. Well, curiosity satisfied: I dropped it, it broke and the whole place was covered with coral nail polish - the shade I was gonna go with. I don't remember when I last felt so embarrassed about my clumsiness. But apparently I wouldn't believe how often that happens there - well, that made me feel better. A little. 
1. & 2. Rogers Cup time of the year! It's been a tradition for my godmother and I for about seven years now. It was even more fun this year with Canadian player Milos Raonic playing and also Roger Federer turning 33 on the same day. 
1. Saw Passenger live for the first time. I only knew one song before the concert but I absolutely loved the rest of the music as well and most of all I loved Mike Rosenberg's sarcastic sense of humour. 2. I must admit I don't use honey very much but look at that adorable bottle - I even started putting honey in my tea just because of that. 3. Street meat. I just cannot walk past street meat stand without getting one. The kind of 3-dollar-addiction that I can only get in North America. With lots of relish, please! Yum, craving for one now... 4. View from our old neighbourhood. Miss it. 
1. & 3. & 4. The mirror in my room just requires selfies: whether it's getting ready for a Friday night out or trying to figure out what would be the most comfortable thing to wear on the plane before starting packing my suitcase. 2. Cute dress on a mega sale at Urban Outfitters. I loved it but had to leave it there since it was so damn short that as soon as I leaned over even just an inch my bum was exposed. 
1. Cirque du Soleil - Kurios. It was my third Cirque du Soleil performance and I absolutely loved it. 2. Using my Starbucks name. It's a great name to use at coffee shops, fitting rooms or anywhere my real name doesn't matter. Even at bars with guys I know I'm never gonna stay in touch with. Makes my life easier and makes their life easier. 3. The cutest little cupcakes from a bakery across the street from our house. 4. Lots of catching up/gossiping with David. With wine, of course. 
1. Road trip to Sudbury. It's a long drive up but a beautiful one for the most part. 2. Cute geese at Moonlight beach. Sudbury itself is a town where most of the Estonians used to go when they immigrated. Nowdays, not so much. 
Ok, there still is one thing that I can be touristy about - that's Toronto's cute and oh-so-noisy red street cars that locals are not so crazy about anymore. It's like New York's yellow taxis for me. I don't know why, but they always make me feel like home for some reason. Streetcars and CN Tower. 
And then there's CNE, The Ex or Canadian National Exhibition - whichever you prefer. It's a fun place with fun rides, games and delicious but not so healthy food - for an example this deep-fried blooming onion was just too good to be true. Oh my I could eat it every day - thank god I can't...  
1. Morning lattes at Verity. 2. In my Happy Place - Holt's Cafe. It's the first cafe I went to when I came to Toronto god knows how many years ago now, and ever since it's been my absolute favorite place to go for lunch continued with a little shopping trip at Holt Renfrew centre afterwards. 3. Pretty good local rose wine with a fun name. 4. Delicious lavender macaroon at Nespresso. 
1. Just like there are never too many photos of red street cars, there are never too many photos of the CN Tower. 2. I was walking home from the Distillery District when I saw this cute little bunny right on Queen Street. Seemed weird to see a bunny in the middle of the city munching on grass. I just hope it was smart enough not to start crossing the DVP or anything like that... 
The other great part about being back in Toronto was working at my favorite auction house once again: 
1. Some pieces from Contemporary Art preview. 2. After hours. 3. Off the Wall preview. 4. A little after work wine on my last day. 
1. Some insanely good fries over here. 2. A Sunday afternoon relaxing on the deck. 3. Coffee break in Yorkville. 4. Heading to the airport, feeling a bit sad that the time has once again gone by so fast.  

Until next time, Toronto! 


Still in the summer mode

Eneselegi märkamatult on ligi hiilinud september ja kuigi ma olen tegelikult sügise tuleku üle alati põnevil ning ootan ka saapaid, mantleid ja sügavamaid värvitoone, tundub suve lõpp alati kuidagi väga järsk ja kunagi ei ole selleks justkui täiesti valmis. Praegu ei paista sügis veel aga täielikult ligi hiilinud olevat, kuna paljad varbad ei karda enese näitamist ja oranžid toonid, mis tavaliselt sügise tulekuga peitu poevad, ei ole seda veel teinud. Nii et ma naudin veel viimaseid nädalaid erksaid värvitoone, paljaid varbaid ja oma suvist päevitust (mida ei ole küll kuigi palju enam alles, kuid siinkohal on suurepäraseks abimeheks see imeline kehaõli ning puuder). Nagu polekski veel september!
GAS jeans top
Nine West wedges
Chanel nail polish 623 "Mirabella"
The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil for Body & Hair
MAC  lipstick "Ravishing"
Ray Ban Polar sunglasses
Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder no30

The first week of September has already gone by but I'm still pretty much living in the summer. And I plan to do it for as long as the weather lets me to.  I am always excited for colorful fall but summer often ends so suddenly and therefore feels too short. If I usually take out my deep-colored fall clothes and paint my nails to burgundy red as soon as September hits, then this time I've decided to enjoy summer for as long as I can by holding on to bright colors, bare toes and showing off what's left of my tan (not much, really, but that's when that amazing body oil and sheer powder comes to help). As if fall wasn't even close yet!


Yup, I'm one of those girls now...

Ja mitte, et ma selle üle nuriseksin! Victoria's Secret'i ilutooted (ja mitte ainult muidugi) paistavad olevat paljude neidude lemmikuteks juba pikemat aega. Mina, pean tunnistama, olin siiani VS poes piirdunud vaid pesuga. Ilutooteid tõin aga reisidelt koju kaasa sõbrannadele kingituseks, kuna mind ennast need miskipärast ei köitnud. Seda muidugi kuniks mul möödunud detsembrikuise reisi ajal ootamatult palju aega Keflaviki lennujaamas oli ja ma igavuse peletamiseks ühte neisse roosadest poodidest sisse astusin. Näpuvahele sattus Victoria's Secret Midnight Exotics Sensual Jasmine käte- ja kehakreem, mis oma lõhna ja konsistentsiga koheselt mu südame võitis. Haarasin selle endaga siis kaasa mõeldes, et oleks ehk aeg ka ise neid paljukiidetud kreeme proovida - kaua ma ikka ainult sõbrantsidele tassin!? Ja õigesti tegin, sest kodus kasutama hakates süvenes mu kiindumus veelgi. Ja mõeldes veel ka soodsa hinna peale lennujaamas, hakkasin kahetsema, et ainult ühe tuubiga tagasi tulin.

Mõned päevad tagasi astusin üle hulga aja taas sisse Victoria's Secretisse, et sama kreemi jahtida, kuid see mind oma kohaloluga paraku ei rõõmustanud. Selle asemel kasutasin aga ära nende toredat boonust: 3 for 30$ ja otsisin välja kolm sümpaatsemat lõhna (oli raske küll ja ma ei ole siiani päris kindel, kas said ikka kõige õigemad valitud). Tahtsin kohe rohkem endaga haarata, aga pagan küll, et need kohvri kaalunormid nii väiksed peavad olema... Aga mis siis ikka, katsun kokkuhoidlikult majandada nendega, sest kes teab, millal jälle poodi saab, eksju. Üks on aga kindel: sellel sügis-talvel lõhnan küll nagu roosinupuke. Või midagi sellist.

Millised VS tooted on teie lemmikud?
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